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Approval and self-booking tool for corporate travel procurement management

Eliminate manual paper driven approval processes

Control high travel expenses

Monitor & control adhoc bookings/cancellations

Monitor inconsistency in approvals/policy adherence

247 TravelDesk is an approval and self-booking tool from Mystifly exclusively for Corporates while it can be white-labeled for TMCs. This corporate travel procurement platform enables employees to self-book and manage complex, multi-segment itineraries. Corporate employees can select from the widest range of airfare content (900+ airlines) including traditional full service airlines as well as low cost carriers (170+ LCCs).

Target Segment


247 TravelDesk is a corporate specific travel management solution using which employees can self-book and manage complex, multi-segment itineraries. And managers can manage and control travel wastage and make approvals in adherence with company policies.

Travel Management Companies

247 TravelDesk can be white labeled for Travel Management Companies involved in corporate travel management to manage their corporate clientele travel bookings and cancellations in accordance with each client’s travel policies and hierarchies.


Organization Management Levels

The organizational data like departments branches, teams can be managed well with privileged users having access to this module. The module provides for management by:






Approval Workflow

The workflow engine decides the level and sequence of approval of trips in accordance with the company travel policy. The tool offers an option for the traveller to select the approver and expedite the approval process for urgent travel requirements. Approval criteria include approval by:


International & Domestic Carriers

GDS & Non-GDS Carriers


Preferred & Non-Preferred Carriers

Travel Policy Management

A defined set of rules can be set under company travel policies and mapped to a band for better cost control.

Workflow Escalation

The tool has an inbuilt workflow escalation to ensure the actionable items are attended within the configured and agreed time frame. An auto escalation will be sent on violation of the workflow

Employee Management

Employee details like personal details, passport details, preferences, frequent flyer number, loyalty memberships and employment information (reporting manager, contract period) can be accessed through the 247 TravelDesk tool.

The tool can be configured to connect to the central employee system to facilitate single sign on capability. Periodical employee passport expiry notification by mail / SMS and on system login is provided for in the tool.

Permission Based Module

The permissions for each module can be centrally managed. New roles can be created to limit access to modules by:




Super PNR

The platform allows the traveller to create a super PNR where-in the flight, hotel and car reservation details can be merged into single PNR.

Supplier Management

Ability to choose travel technology and content suppliers

Provides flexibility with multi-GDS interface

Facilitates integration with your existing IT systems & 3rd party providers

Enables content sourcing, management, searching and booking

Company Preferences Management

The privileged user or travel manager can decide the organization preference and tool behavior under this module like:




Car Companies






Employees can see recent activities:

All trips booked by the user

In process trips

Approved Trips

Cancelled trips

Declined Trips

My Upcoming Trips


The system generates basic reports and these can be exported as CSV format. Report types include:

Booking reports

Violation reports

Savings Reports

Vendor Reports

Trend Analysis Report & many more

Mobile App

The mobile application has approval module. Approving authority will be able to view the booked travel details and he/she can approve (or) reject the travel booked by the users using the mobile app.

247 TravelDesk Integrates with

Network Security Systems - to allow single sign in on using network passwords

PHR Systems - for traveller profile management and credit card management

ERP and Finance Systems - for financial reconciliation and card management

Expense Management Systems - for travel spend approval

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