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MyFareBox | Global consolidator airfares and discounted airfares platform

consolidator airfares travel technology

A travel technology that provides access to lowest consolidator global airfares from 750+ airlines across 70+ point of sale countries on single platform

750+ airlines including 200+ LCCs

80+ point of sale countries

Multi GDS feed

Multi payment options

Multi currency transaction

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MyFareBox is an Anywhere-to-Anywhere B2B global airfare aggregation, consolidation and fulfillment travel technology platform offering bookable and ticket-able airfare content from 750+ airlines across 80+ point of sale countries on a single platform. The platform includes consolidator/ private, public & market specific local airfares. Fare variants include Marine Fares, Student Fares, Labour Fares, Military Fares including other fare types from multi-GDS and multi point-of-sale Pseudo City Codes (PCCs).

Target Segment

Travel Management companies

TMCs can fulfill offline air ticketing requests using MyFareBox. They can improve their revenues and market share by saving upto 40% on market specific public & private fares with access to lowest global airfares from 750+ airlines across 80+ point of sale countries.

Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents can use MyFareBox to process online requests to improve their conversion rates and cater to a large global audience. Online Travel Agents can display market specific public, private & published fares of over 750+ airlines across 80+ point of sale on their website helping them to save upto 40% & offer more options to their customers.

Tour Operators

Tour Operators often face challenges in accessing FIT & bulk local airfares in another country. MyFareBox enables offline tour operators to source airfares from 900+ airlines across 70+ point of sale countries & save upto 40% on the global airfares booked through MyFareBox.


Find global airfares of 750+ airlines across 80+ point of sale countries at a much lower price than PTA/SOTO/or any other published fare that is available in any other country.

Saves upto 60% on global airfares including market specific public & private airfares

24/7 ticketing capability from 750+ airlines across 80+ point of sale countries enhances the service quality

Option to hold PNR on time, mitigates the possible loss associated with uncertain PNR status

All airlines on local BSP/ARC

Internal check on airfare content ensures compliance with the airlines’ rules facilitating ADM free ticketing

Personalized 24/7 support 365 days for rescheduling, cancellations and other requests

Mitigates the risk due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates

Pricing Transparency across all transactions with a fixed ticketing fee model

Customized branding on e-tickets

Re-investigative Intelligent Pricing

Integrated Engine

An integrated anywhere to anywhere global airfares engine






Multiple Payment Options

Ensures hassle free transacting on MyFareBox

Bank Transfer

Credit Card

Cheque payments

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