Mystifly OnePoint – Global Airfare API

Permite a las plataformas de aplicaciones de viajes obtener tarifas globales aéreas más bajas de más de 900 aerolíneas y de más de 70 países punto de venta, por medio de una única Integración API.

Incrementar la Rentabilidad

Reducir costes transaccionales

Simplificar los procesos de compra

Mejorar el nivel de servicio al cliente

MyFareBox OnePoint es una API de tarifas globales, mezcla sofisticada de tecnologías GDS existentes. Alojada en infraestructura altamente flexible y construída con standares abiertos y usando servicios web XML, SOAP, WSDL y UDDI que cumple a su vez con OTA standard en patrones XML.

Segmento Objetivo

Compañías de Gestión de Viajes

TMCs can integrate OnePoint webservice into their travel platform to access lowest global airfares from 900+ airlines across 70+ point of sale countries on single platform. They can improve their revenues and market share by expanding their service offerings & save upto 40% on market specific public & private fares.

Agentes de Viaje Online

Online travel agents can use OnePoint as an integrated webservice to improve their conversion rates and cater to a larger global audience. They can increase their market reach while minimizing sales & distribution costs.

Tour Operadores

Tour Operators often face challenges in accessing FIT & bulk local airfares in another country. MyFareBox OnePoint enables online tour operators to source airfares from 900+ airlines across 70+ point of sale countries & save upto 40% on global airfares.


A global API that helps source global airfares of 900+ airlines across 70+ point of sale countries with a single integration

It is a smart Airfare Shopping Engine that helps source global airfares at a much lower price than PTA/SOTO/or any other published fare that is available in any other country.

Provides booking confirmation with PNR creation

Gives access to multi Global Distribution System data feeds

Ability to book and hold upto 5 unique itineraries for single traveller

Provides fare terms & conditions with baggage information

Provides flight extras – additional info like Costing for additional bags, meals etc. on selected flights (LCC Only)

OnePoint is also asynchronous search compatible

With enhanced fare rules it provides categorized data

Re-investigative Intelligent Pricing feature

OnePoint allows to retrieve information in XML format for MIS purpose

Spanish Resident fares available via API

Content Accessibility

OnePoint facilitates accessibility of content on

Self-customizable booking interface

Existing travel portals

Third-party booking platform

Mobile applications

Meta search engines

Back office systems

Fare Types

A wide range of fare types are made available through OnePoint including




Private Fares

Web Fares

Low Cost Carrier

Technical Specifications

MyFareBox OnePoint hosted on highly scalable infrastructure is built on open standards using Web Services XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI that is compliant with OTA standard XML schemas.

MyFareBox OnePoint is available over the following frameworks

Microsoft .NET Framework

Java with Apache Axis

PHP with the Soap Extension

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