Mystifly OnePoint For Hotels

Bundling flights with room rent to help hotels create opaque pricing and fence their loyal customers by influencing their travel planning process

Airlines have successfully leveraged the strength of hotels to successfully created opaque fares. Airlines offering Flights + Hotels has become the norm and every airline offers this value to their customers. Leveraging ancillary services model drives new revenue streams while also the same time create new product differentiation and maintain brand equity. Unfortunately, hotels have not been able to capitalize on this opportunity, as air deals are always best at the source while hotels are a destination product with lesser complexity. Fencing the hotels loyal customer base or creating closed user groups, to segment a hotel’s customer base and offering special promotions to specific groups of people is a great way to influence the travellers planning process.

LEVERAGE MYSTIFLY’S GLOBAL AIRFARES API THAT COVERS OVER 750 AIRLINES AND 80+ COUNTRIES Mystifly’s OnePoint API creates great value and additional streams of revenue for hotels helping them create uniqueness in their offering for their customers. The API platform covers 750+ airlines with point of sale fares from 80+ countries and thereby combining the strength of source and destination products. This enables hotels to create private travel deals that translate into more loyal guests.

Business Benefits

  • Hotel can increase direct conversion by offering flights in addition to rooms and hence have the advantage of opaque pricing
  • Hotels can use discounts to drive demand direct and save on margins that they need to share with third parties
  • With the ability to combine air hotels can take advantage of deep airlines discounts as well, to maintain healthy margins for both suppliers
  • With Mystifly’s highly customizable API - Hotels can choose the right set of airline partners that match with the hotel brand expectations or leverage the entire gamut of airlines that is covered
  • Hotels can even chose to offer coach or premium cabin class or just combine their product with the specific suites cabin airlines offer

Target Segment

  • Any hotel/hotel chains looking at cross selling and offering more value to their customers can take advantage of Mystifly API OnePoint to sell flights in addition to rooms to their customers.
  • Hotels that aim to expand their horizon and look at offering more value to their customers along with rooms can now connect with Mystifly OnePoint API and take advantage of our vast airfare inventory of 750+ airlines from 80+ countries

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