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Les fournisseurs de technologie de voyage qui offrent les services de technologie de voyage à leur clients en tant que fournisseurs de service ou via un autre produit/plateforme peuvent devenir des partenaires d'intégration de technologie (TIP) pour Mystifly.

A Mystifly TIP can seamlessly integrate MyFareBox OnePoint XML Webservices into the company’s existing technology platform. Integration of OnePoint, powers travel application platforms to source lowest airfares from 750+ airlines across 80+ countries.

Notre technologie d'intégration Partenaires

Avantages Économiques

  • Mystifly’s Technology Integration Partners (TIPs) can expand their business landscape by capitalizing on the option to provide access to most competitive market specific public and private airfares from 750+ airlines across 80+ countries to their clients.
  • With savings up to 40%, TIPs can power their clients with the most advanced technology enabled ticketing fulfillment system capable of meeting the ticketing fulfillment needs of the travel customers.

Segment Ciblé

  • Travel Technology Providers : Those offering travel technology services either as service providers or through their product/framework are eligible to become Mystifly Travel Integration Partner.

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