Mystifly Azygos – Agent and sub-agent management

A white label solution facilitating sub-agent management & access to lowest consolidated global airfares

White label solution

Sug-agent management

Dynamic back-end reporting

Manage mark-up on the tickets issued

Azygos enables travel companies/agents to manage their staff and MyFareBox registered sub-agents more efficiently on a single platform. Azygos powers agents to search, book, order e-tickets & print invoices on behalf of their sub-agents and also manage mark-up on the sub-agents’ tickets. The platform includes consolidator/private, public, market specific local airfares, special fares like marine fares,student fares, military fares including other fare types from multi-GDS & multi point-of-sale Pseudo City Codes (PCCs).

Target Segment

Travel Re-sellers

Azygos enables travel re-sellers to manage their suppliers and sub-agents through a single platform. They can offer a plethora of global airfares of 900+ airlines from 70+ countries to their clients with this white label solution. They can improve their revenues and market share by expanding their service offerings.

Travel Agents

Travel Agents can manage and control their sub agents and their mark-ups, bookings, licenses, payments and so on. They can have a complete control and view of their sub-agent activity through Azygos.


Sub-agents management

Manage and Control Sub-agents.

Manage mark-up on tickets issued by sub-agents.

Manage licenses and payments of sub-agents

Access queues and view flight search history of sub-agents

Manage payment and make/modify bookings on behalf of sub-agents

Supplier and supplier commission management

The Azygos Administrator can manage multiple suppliers by configuring multiple GDS OID/PCCs and redistributing the fares to their Clients.

Administrator can manage discounts and commissions for specific airlines, fare type, sectors, travel dates, RBDs, fare class, black-out dates, flight numbers and geographies.

Manage revenue

Optimise revenue earnings based on fare type, class, sectors etc., by comparing fares from multiple sources.

Configure revenue management profiles for each client.

Content Management

Manage clients & suppliers on a single platform.

Control the content that should be offered to clients.

Exclude city, airport or country for specific clients.

Flight search history

The system allows agents to view the details of flights searched by sub-agents, including options to filter search by travel date and client ID numbers.


The platform allows Azygos agents with

Dynamic back-end reporting

Bookings & tickets issued reports

Flight search history transaction reports

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