4 Things to Consider while Signing up for an Airfare Consolidator

In the quest to get competitive airfares, travel players often falter in signing up with the right airfare consolidators. Consolidators are connected to the broadest array of airfare selection, and by associating with them, travel businesses will be able to provide competitive deals to their customers. In addition, consolidators also offer ticket fulfilment capabilities irrespective of IATA certification status.

Considering signing up with an airfare consolidator? Here are some things that your airfare consolidator ought to have:

  1. Local GDS Access

Signing up with a consolidator who has local GDS access can help reduce your operation costs.  A consolidator who has access to fares from multi-country and multi-PCC/OID integrated GDSs will enable you to provide your customers with the best fares from across the globe.

Consider this scenario: You are a Dubai based travel player, who wants to offer the most competitive airfares for your customer, wishing to travel from New York to London. By signing up with a consolidator who provides local GDS content, you would get the best deals from local suppliers in the region of origin, in this case – New York.

Thus you can get the negotiated fares for tickets outside your region of operation, rather than the published fares that everybody has access to. This will also allow you to add your markup and maximize your revenue.

  1. Multiple Currency Payment Options

Most consolidators have currency options only in US Dollars and Euros. As a result, you often face the brunt of losing out on money, owing to variable conversion rates. Reputed consolidators who have multi-currency options can help you avoid spending cash on conversions.

Are you expanding your business and worried about how to deal with multiple currencies in your regional offices? By signing up with airfare consolidators who have multi-currency payment options, you will be able to set your preferred currency for the different regions you operate in.

  1. A Single Source of Global Content

Choose an airfare consolidator who has global airfare content integrated into one platform. This will reduce the time and money you spend in getting access to such rich content from multiple sources. With a single source of global content, you can search, book and issue tickets from anywhere to anywhere in the world.  For your customers, this positions you as a one-stop shop for all things airfare content.

This single source of global content would also make your work less cumbersome.

  1. Automation

Reputed airfare consolidators have a good deal of their operations automated. This means faster turn-around time.

Automation gives you an extremely intuitive and user-friendly booking interface.  Signing up with a consolidator who has incorporated automation will help you provide 24/7 support and increased convenience to your customers.

Does your airfare consolidator ensure a hassle free transaction? Give you the lowest global airfare? Improve your conversion rate? Help you cater to a larger global audience?

Choose the right Airfare Consolidator.