5 Questions Every Travel Business Needs to Answer

Thanks to breakthroughs in technology, the travel industry has evolved into a tech-driven ecosystem making world travel a seamless affair. Technological disruption has challenged the traditional travel setup, giving birth to do-it-yourself (DIY) travellers and advanced Travel Management Companies that offer tailor-made services to their customers.  

Catering to demanding customer expectations has become a necessity for travel companies. If you are a travel business, here are five questions that will help you meet your customer’s needs, in addition, they will help you look back, rethink and analyse where you stand in the grand scheme of things in the travel domain.     

1. Are you confident that you have access to the best airfares? 

The once-simple task of purchasing a ticket has become a science in its own right. Air ticket prices are constantly fluctuating depending on the day of booking, time of service, choice of airline and whether the route is direct or indirect. With a myriad of options directly available to tech-savvy travellers, it is imperative to lure your customers with the best airfares and offers available in the market.  

Customers need to be assured that the offerings of their service providers are the best in the market. By providing them the most competitive fares in the market, you can rest assured that your customers will entrust you with their travel bookings.  

Mystifly’s ‘Intellibestbuy’ feature allows you to benchmark the fares that you have access to and check if they indeed are the most competitive in the market. This will enable you to maximize value for your clients and ultimately bring in the revenue you seek.  

2. How aware are youabout airfare content and fare types? 

Better awareness of airfare content and fare types will help you service your customer more efficiently. Knowledge of the network of airline consolidators, multiple fare type offerings, and fares sourced from LCCs will position you as the go-to travel company.  

By providing consolidated airfares from multiple airlines including LCCs and offering ticket fulfilment services with multiple fare type options, your customers will be able to benefit from a wide range of offerings.  

Mystifly’s platform brings together all the major GDSs, a wide network of airline consolidator partners, low-cost carrier aggregators, and suppliers. The platform will enable you to widen your network and cater to your customers’ needs and demands. 

3. Is your access to airfare content truly global?  

It is impossible to deny the power of a strong community. The word ‘global’ indicates focus, expertise, reputation, and endless opportunities. A global network brings with it an empowering advantage to connect with a world of infinite possibilities.  

Airfare content from across the globe will help travel companies like you expand your business landscape. A global footprint in the travel industry will enable you to provide your customers with access to the broadest array of competitive airfares.  

Travel companies can get access to global airfares by signing up with airline consolidators and connecting with multiple GDSs. Mystifly’s platform sources airfares from over 80+ countries that allows you to gain access to airfares in a truly global context. The ability to manage ticketing time limits across time zones also allows travel companies to quote to your customers with confidence.  

4. Do you ensure control of service and user friendly-operations? 

The success or failure of a travel business depends on customer satisfaction. It is an intangible yet invaluable component in the travel industry. Customer support is a critical factor, both as a means of satisfying the ever-changing consumer expectation and as a way to achieve business profitability.  

Quality customer service will make the customer feel that they are being valued and heard. It is heavily influenced by service factors such as seamless operations, 24/7 customer support, user-friendly technology interface, automation and uninterrupted communication.  

Mystifly provides user-friendly services to customers by offering 24/7 support in English, provision of operational tools/APIs to void, cancel and exchange tickets, automation for schedule change notifications and handling as well as passive PNR handoff processes for seamless integration.  

5. Do you need cost efficient fulfilment and settlement processes?  

Cost efficient fulfilment and settlement has become the need of the hour in the travel domain. Due to the steady rise in competition in the industry, the customer is spoilt for choice with a wide range of options available to choose from. Offering ticket fulfilment and settlement at a competitive price remains a challenge for travel firms.  

Travel companies can achieve efficiency in cost and operations by automating the ticketing process, offering multi-currency payment options, minimizing costs of access global content and implementing intelligent pricing methods, among others. 

Mystifly’s technology platform offers multi-currency transaction option, allowing travel companies to make settlements in a single currency of their choice. Mystifly’s technology also automates ticketing and minimizes the cost of access to global content by eliminating the need for local IATA/BSP accreditations. This enables travel companies to achieve efficiency in operations and offer most competitive fares to their customers.  

If you are a travel company or travel business, be sure to have the answers to these questions. Write to us at marketing@mystifly.com and we will be happy to share our insights and technology offerings that are sure to help you overcome your challenges.