6 Reasons why ancillary services can be a trump card in your travel offerings.

The traveler’s experience has always been the most important factor in the travel industry and businesses have never stopped their effort to understand the trends and needs of their travelers. Customers have more choices than ever and they expect personalized, valuable, and immediate experiences from any business they engage with. Also, it is indisputable that emerging technologies are further influencing the future of travelers’ experience.  

The advent of both ancillary services and fare families has been pivotal in the evolution of airline retailing strategy, a shift that is impacting the whole of the travel industry. As the travel businesses are becoming more competitive, providing consistent traveler engagement and E-commerce experience is becoming more crucial.

Here we are highlighting the 6 ways travel sellers can benefit from ancillary services

1. Simplified travel planning for travelers 

Travel is never just a flight ticket. Planning and booking a journey can be time-consuming and complex. Travelers not only need to be mindful about budgets, but also they need to look at the additional conveniences they might need during the journey. By integrating flights along with ancillary services on a single display, travel businesses can simplify trip planning for their travelers by providing the true differentiation between two offers and assist them in making informed booking decisions.

2. Tailored travel options which are customizable and flexible

Not all traveler has the same travel and budget needs. Offering a highly customized itinerary for your travelers based on their individual needs results in even more delighted and loyal customers. Allowing passengers to customize their journey, not only serves their purpose but also helps in brand adaptation.  

3. Saves travelers money and time

Travelers can save money by purchasing ancillary services in advance while booking a flight seat. Since most of the pre-booked services will be cheaper when compared to buying onboard, this will not only save money for the travelers but also helps travel businesses to earn profound commission on the ancillary services sold.

4. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

It is a known fact that customers stay with the brand where they get personalized services. Clear display of ancillary services attached to the flight ticket gives. Ancillaries give both the traveler and the airline greater flexibility in constructing the ideal travel journey.

5. Opportunity to sell additional services

Buying a flight ticket is just part of the whole Well-integrated ancillary services on booking platforms are making sales straightforward and easier for selling. Travel sellers can capitalize from a-la-carte airline services (Baggage, seat selection, changes and cancellations, priority boarding, In-Flight Entertainment, and Wi-Fi, food & beverages and lounge access, etc.,) or non-air ancillaries (Hotels, cars, tickets to local attractions or Travel Insurance, etc.,) or Loyalty Programs (Like Frequent flyer programs or paid club memberships) for boosting revenue per passenger.

6. Increases revenue opportunities

Ancillary revenue has become a key source of revenue. Combining flight tickets with ancillary services not only increases the chances of additional revenue from sales commission but also increases the chances of a repeat buying opportunity. 

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