Airline Distribution: A Peek Into The Future

Henry H Harteveldt of Atmosphere Research group, in his report on the Future of Airline Distribution, mentions about the dramatically different passenger base that is about to emerge. We couldn’t help agree, considering the impact that Emerging Markets and Developing Economies will have on the demographics of travelers. More people are travelling , many of them are over the age of 65, and quite a few of them are frequent travellers . 

If change in the passenger segment wasn’t all that’s in store, there would be a drastic change in various other scenarios as well. From mobile becoming the primary channel, to Google participating in and probably disrupting Active Distribution, everything about technology and communications will see a massive transformation in the next few years. The need for localized payments is all the more in a globalized economy. Naturally, these will be in vogue, enabling frictionless transaction for travellers across the globe.

AIRLINE Distribution Infographic

Change is inevitable. Instead of averting change, embracing it would be the best way forward. This infographic pictorially describes what airlines can do to keep up in their quest to be dramatically more effective in how they sell. Weaving their way through these scenarios will help airlines be more successful businesses and enable travelers  find the value they seek.   

It wouldn’t be long before airline distribution evolves from its passive, rigid, and technology-centric state to a more flexible, dynamic, and passenger-centric environment. What are your thoughts?  

Read the entire report on ‘Future of Airline Distribution, 2016-2021’ here