Amidst COVID-19 chaos, Mystifly remains focused on keeping the processes on track

Mystifly remains focused during COVID-19

The rise of the Covid-19 outbreak has put many sectors in the backslide. As we continue to stay calm and positive in the wake of the crisis, we believe it’s important to be transparent about how Mystifly is addressing the current situation and the proactive measures we’ve taken to mitigate the impact on our customer’s business. It is our sense of urgency to flatten the curve and give ourselves and our partners the best chance to get through this pandemic.

At Mystifly, we render crucial service to our customers who create greater experiences for their travellers. We would like to assure our partners and customers that no difference in the quality of the airfare service would be noticed during this period. Mystifly’s platform is cloud-based and has a high degree of automation when it comes to pre-booking services. With the release of new feature C2, we have also seen a high level of automation in the post-ticketing processes.

Also, the health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us and hence we have taken several steps to reduce risks for our employees, while they support our business during this moment of crisis. With our customer support centre based in Bangalore, we are now transitioning a way forward for our Operations team to also work remotely if needed to address the manual requests or failures that may happen on our platform.

To all our stakeholders, following are the few FAQs with the process updates taken by Mystifly to fight back the COVID 19 impact:

  1. How Mystifly will respond and recover from absenteeism at Workplace that may be caused by COVID-19?
    Mystifly’s platform is hosted on the cloud and has a high level of automation when it comes to pre and post ticketing processes. However, there is a part of the business that’s dependent on people and their availability. Mystifly has enabled WFH for a major part of the workforce to ensure minimum disruption and to enable people a safer way to work and avoid traveling to work.
    Also, our office remains open for all who want to work at the office and we ensure a clean, hygienic and a safe work environment.
  2. Will there be an impact on Mystifly’s TAT for manual cases or where there is people support?
    Yes, we expect an impact on TAT during this period for all transactions that have manual dependency as we will action the most critical requests on high priority. Hence, this would translate to delays in responding to some of the most non-critical requests. We request your support & understanding during this crisis period.
  3. Do you have contingency strategies to ensure support for your clients if a large number of your employees are unavailable in the event of an emergency?
    Yes, we do. We have created guidelines for all our teams that would enable the quick transfer of work and responsibilities in case there is a need for swift action.  Also, guidelines cover mandatory working hours and expectations around employee availability, meeting guidelines, travel to meet customers, confidentiality, connectivity, and client service.
  4. Has Mystifly taken precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
    Yes, we have. We have created an internal emergency task force that includes our CFO, CTO, Head of People & Culture, our HR Team and other relevant team members. Our work Policies are being reassessed on a regular basis per guidelines that we are receiving from the Govt. of India and our local administrative bodies. This team constantly updates and communicates the development to the management team and the rest of the organization.
  5. Is there currently an impact to any of Mystifly’s office locations?  If yes, describe which recovery strategies Mystifly has activated and the effectiveness.
    Mystifly has HQ in Singapore and all our team members are based in Bangalore. There are instances of COVID-19 reported in both those cities. Local government and health officials are taking steps to minimize the impact and reduce the spread in these cities. None of Mystifly’s employees have been directly impacted by COVID-19.

We truly appreciate the continued trust and patronage of our stakeholders during this unprecedented times and take necessary actions to meet the changing needs of our customers and serving their travellers better.