Another Sale Day, Another Milestone & Another Step Forward

Mega Fly Sale DayThe much-anticipated 24-hour ticket marathon – ‘Big Fly Day Sale – September Fest’ saw Mystifly shatter records and make breakthroughs in the travel domain. Months of hard work and the discipline of Mystians bore fruit as Mystifly drew an impressive response from trusted partners across the globe.  

With active participation from global airlines and never-seen-before airfares, this significant milepost will serve as a touchstone in Mystifly’s journey to greater heights. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. The relentless energy of all Mystians helped Mystifly realise its dream to achieve this mammoth feat. The 3 P’s – perseverance, preparation and persistence proved to be the three key factors for this monumental success.   

It was all hands-on deck as Team Mystifly worked around the clock to meet the demand. The battleground was buzzing as Mystians braved the hours to work in unison towards a common goal. The team took lessons from the March edition of the sale, defined a set game plan and implemented strategies to witness a massive 27% increase in ticket sale.  

The effort of every Mystian was the bedrock behind the success of this event and helped make this a September to remember. As Mystifly strives to make giant strides in the travel domain, we’re rest assured that the strength of the organisation will be the courage and fortitude of every Mystian.  Mystifly's big fly Day sale

We’ll be back with yet another exciting sale soon. Stay tuned! 

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