Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub (ASR Hub1.0)

Built for new generation airline retailing.

ASR Hub 1.0 bridges the distribution gap between the passenger who is happy to pay extras for his ideal travel experience and Airline’s rich & differentiated bundles. By integrating with ASR hub1.0, travel businesses can capture maximum wallet share by adopting effective merchandising techniques to offer services designed around the travel experience to truly differentiate their brand. On the other hand, it gives the passenger a great level of transparency and unparalleled levels of information on a broader range of bundled offers which best suits their needs.

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Why ASR Hub1.0?

Seamless Ticketing and Post-ticketing Capability

Intuitive & Simplified API Platform for search, ticket, ancillary sales and post bookings management process on more than 700+ Full Service Airlines including Low Cost Airlines.

Market Leading Travel Technology

Advanced technology platform which amalgamates technology, retailing capabilities, air travel contracting & multi-currency transactions with ease.

Flexible Billing and Payments

Multi-currency B2B payment and settlements in the respective currency of the customer and airlines removing payment in-efficiencies.

Faster Time to Any Market

Intuitive & simplified API Platform that eases airline integration timelines for any online travel intermediary.

Global Flights Caching Solution

Demand based caching solution that results in sub 2 seconds speed search for global flights with real-time pricing and availability.

Influence with Wide Variety of Choices

Stay ahead of the market by selling ancillary airline products and & rich content for enhanced consumer experience. With Value-added bundles you can transform your business from seat-selling approach to passenger centric model and significantly increase the basket size.

Developer-friendly Air Travel Tech Stack

Simplify the integration processes with our easy-to-customize APIs that are crafted by world-class developers to help create the world class travel store.

Our approach to airline retailing is unique! See how we help companies just like yours.
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