Better value through consolidation – TravTalk June 2016

The One Point API platform from Mystifly has over 900 airlines with point-of-sale fares from over 70 countries, and allows hotels to choose the right set of airline partners that match with brand expectations.

Airlines offering ‘flights + hotels’ deals have become the norm in the current times. Unfortunately, hotels have not been able to capitalise fully on this opportunity, as the best air deals are always from the guests’ departure point rather than the hotel’s location which is the point of arrival.

Mystifly’s One Point API allows hotels access to up sell flights to guests, informs Rajeev Kumar G, Founder, Managing Director & CEO, Mystifly. The API platform covers over 900 airlines with a point of sale fares from over 70 countries thereby combining the strength of source and destination products.

Onepoint API for hotels

“A globally consolidated airfare API allows hotels to either choose the right set of airline partners that match with the hotel brand expectations or leverage the entire gamut of airlines that is on offer,” he says.

“This enables hotels to create private travel deals that translate into more loyal guests. With the ability to combine air, it’s not about the hotels offering a discount but more it is the hotel’s ability to take advantage of deep airline discounts to offer guests a package price that will help maintain healthy margins,” he adds.

Hotels can further chose to offer coach or premium cabin class or just combine their product with whatever the airlines offer, Kumar comments.

“It’s all about hotels choosing airline partners in the same way that airlines chose their hotel partners combining product strengths to deliver better value
including an attractive price,” he says.

Source – TravTalk June 2016 edition –