Breaking Travel News investigates: Airfare API – enabling global reach

From local ticketing to global ticketing, the air travel space is rapidly changing. Local travel management companies and online tour operators have grown into global travel managers doing global air ticketing. This means sourcing air content from thousands of airlines across hundreds of countries.

In the travel domain today technology has taken over traditional ticketing. Small to big, travel companies today look at implementing technologies that can help them stay ahead and get the best of global content that can be accessible to them at the click of a mouse.

At the click of a mouse? Really? With so many GDSs and airlines functioning, can this happen?

As Nelson Mandela quotes: “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Today API solutions like OnePoint are shrinking the world with its innovative functionalities. How else would it have been possible to access, compare and book more than 900 airlines of 70-plus countries with just one single API integration. Gone are the days when to source global airfares would mean a web of APIs to connect to different GDSs, airlines or a third party provider.

So a single API sounds great. But can it handle so much data? Will it make the search slow? Can it handle large bookings?

Volume and speed are often the hardest to match, but then the best becomes best because it does not work like the rest. For a solution like OnePoint, Mystifly currently has an infrastructure which can support a million hits per minute.

A successful global airfare API acts as a virtual interlining between the airline/GDS content and the OTA, TMC platform providing dynamic real time inventory and pricing and translating them into a unified XML format. An API like OnePoint allows you to access advanced geocentric functions using an XML interface, enabling integration of these services into your applications irrespective of the development platforms used.

A perfect fit !!

All cool volume, speed, integration sounds great, but then when a business does global bookings the currency fluctuations can mean more of loss than a profit. So a solution that provides multi-currency transacting benefit and accepts different payment modes is a breather.

When the right API technology supports a globally growing travel business the result is success.

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