Norman Gage in Intelligent Airfare Management BTiQ Webinar

Travel technology professionals and prominent players in this field love getting together and they don’t shy away from sharing insights. On one of those occasions –a webinar organized by Business Travel IQ –our very own Norman Gage (VP Sales and Marketing – Europe) joined industry veterans James Filsinger (CEO, Yapta), Liza Lewis (Senior Manager, Global Product Marketing, Amex GBT) and John Bukowski (Director, Amex GBT) to discuss how new booking technologies are reshaping the airline pricing game.

The webinar brought several new perspectives, information on saving opportunities, the effect of NDC on booking tools such as our MyFareBox, Yapta and Air Re-Shop Expert, etc. Norman, particularly talked about MyFareBox’s connectedness with several airlines while talking about the NDC road map and our readiness.

Listen to the full webinar here.