Chota Pataka Bada Dhamaka – Mahammad Selim

Mystian of the month

They say good things come in small packages and sure enough, they do. A long overdue feature blog, no words can do justice to this person’s talent and contributions. But we promise to try. Meet Mystifly’s bundle of joy and our Mystian of the Month – Mahammad Selim.  

Born in the ‘Land of the Intelligent People’ or ‘Buddhivanthara Nadu’, Selim is a typical coastal boy with big aspirations. “Back in the days, my school teacher strongly endorsed my communication skills and recommended me to pursue my career in law. It wasn’t my dream, but it was always lingering in my mind,” states Selim. He decided to move to Bangalore and things took a turn in a different direction.  

Selim went on to complete his graduation in BBA and enrolled for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) course. That inked the beginning of his long and continuing career in the Travel Industry. Soon after, Selim bagged his first job at Air India Customer Service and since then there was no looking back. Six months in, and he was back again on the field hunting for a role more challenging.  

How did Mystifly happen? “It’s a funny story. A placement consultancy scheduled two job interviews for me on the same day. My interview with Rajeev was scheduled at 2 pm. I hurried for my first interview, cracked the job, and bagged the offer. Rushing for my appointment with Rajeev, I arrived three hours late for the interview. A little bit of bluff and stories, the interview went well,” gleams Selim.  

He still recalls how Rajeev persistently asked him this one question, “How many airports are there in London”. “I’m sure I got the wrong answer,” cracks Selim.  After four days, Rajeev rolled out the offer and his joy knew no bounds. On 26th August 2009, Selim joined Mystifly as a Travel Consultant. A small team of ten at the Malleshwaram office, he reminisces the good old days how everybody hustled together towards a common goal. “I still remember back in the days; the office was just a little bigger than Rajeev’s current cabin.  There were no teams, the CEO, leaders and employees, we all sat together and worked. I felt a sense of belonging and instantly knew that this place was destined for me,” shares a nostalgic Selim.  

Fast forward to the present, Selim is part of the CPS team heading the Americas region. A nine-year-long journey, he has seen it all at Mystifly. From a Travel Consultant, Senior Travel Consultant, Team Lead, Assistant Manager to heading the Americas, he has grown to become a Mystifly veteran. Having joined as a fresher in the industry, Selim earned his way to the top. “Mystifly is an ocean of opportunities. The scope for self-learning is high and the constant challenges and daring assignments keep me on my toes. Evolving from a team player, Mystifly has equipped me with skills over the years to singlehandedly head the American regions,” claims a proud Selim.  

What does a day in the life of Selim look like? “I haven’t seen daylight since my early days here at Mystifly”, jokes Selim. “I’ve never done a 9-5 shift. I was the designated anchor watch at Mystifly and I enjoyed doing it,” shares Selim. My successful tenure here at Mystifly has been solely because of the support and guidance I received from Commander-In-Chief, Rajeev. His passion for the organization and the way he leads his troop played a very big influence in my life. A huge shout-out goes to the first batch of Mystians who trained and guided me in my initial days here as a fresher,” adds a grateful Selim. 

My best critic and my strongest supporter has always been my mom. She is my superhero. Being the fifth, middle and shortest (almost) of my eight siblings, I wasn’t the very easy-going kid at home. My parents believed in my dreams and backed me every step of the way. They’re the most humble and patient human beings I’ve ever come across. I also owe a great deal to my elder brother for being the cornerstone of my life. His advice and encouragement helped me shape my career. I will be forever indebted to my family and friends for carving me into who i am today,” smiles Selim. 

What does the future look like? “My future looks solid at Mystifly. I’ve never felt the need to update my resume in the last nine years.  I am confident that Mystifly is en route to greater heights and I wish to contribute and be a part of this victory run.  I have no Plan B; Mystifly was, is, and forever will be my plan A,” he closes. 

Selim lives by the principle, ‘Work hard in silence, and let your success make the noise’. It’s time we recognise and appreciate the efforts of this talent. Your nine-year journey with us has certainly helped Mystifly reach ‘Cloud9’ and beyond. Here’s to many more years of learning, growing and celebrating together at Mystifly.