Our Purpose

Enable our partners to maximize value by making air travel stress free for the end traveller!

The air distribution landscape is complex; Buying air travel continues to be a stressful process and requires undivided attention that no other product purchase demands. Changes and cancellations are even more a nightmare!

Not anymore!

Traditionally, the travel industry is built on 3 critical pillars - Distribution managed through GDS, Fulfilment managed through Agencies and Payments through the BSP Payment Process. 

At Mystifly, the entire portfolio of airline retailing - “shop, order, pay” is integrated and automated on a single platform and thus removes the current distribution limitation of the airline industry. The current industry payment inefficiencies are eliminated with real-time direct settlement between agencies and the airlines partners in their respective currencies.

Mystifly offers search, ticket, ancillary sales, and post bookings management process in more than 700+ airlines - All through one single B2B API SAAS platform. Travel or E-commerce companies who envision to upscale their business growth, can rely on Mystifly’s NDC powered Airline retailing solutions to scale and grow their business. With our award-winning technology and ticketing expertise, we make selling air travel affordable, more accessible, and most convenient for our customers than ever before.

Our Story

Mystifly is the world’s largest global airline retail marketplace dedicated to make air travel selling affordable, accessible, and more convenient for our customers than ever before.

Back in 2009, we recognised the need of the global consolidator in the travel industry to source local airfares and issue tickets globally, on behalf of the airlines. From there Mystifly was conceived. Mystifly is headquartered in Singapore and has offices India, UK and USA.

Our Values

Mystifly is proud to be a values-driven company. Our values are an integral part of our culture and help in distinguishing ourselves as the World’s leader in Airline retailing. Learn more about the four values which make us unique.

Think Big
Think Smart
Distinguish ourselves as industry leaders, pioneering innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking at individual and organizational levels.
the Bar

Feel empowered to always take a step beyond and help each other as well as the organization exceed expectations, through collaboration and teamwork.

Build Fast
to Surpass
Thrive in an atmosphere of pro-activeness and urgency to help our partners succeed, in an efficient and ethical manner. Adapt to changes quickly and transcend visible as well as invisible boundaries to prolong customer journeys.
Serve our partners
& people with purpose

Add value to our partners by realizing our accountability and ownership with integrity being at the helm. Uphold a transparent culture with sensitivity and respect for our fellow beings.

Our Customers

Mystifly is proud to provide air retailing services to 2500 travel businesses globally. Our customers comprise OTAs, TMC’s, Travel Agencies, Loyalty & Concierge Businesses, Wholesalers and Aggregators. Our Smart solutions are tailored to all of their specific needs.

Growth Propellers

Travel Firms across the globe have one big question for travel technology providers - 'How does your offering make a difference to me?'
At Mystifly, we understand that no two travel businesses are alike.

Rajeev Kumar

Founder, Managing Director and CEO

Rajeev Kumar G is an expert in the travel industry with over 15 years of experience covering Technology Development, CRM, Outsourcing, Process Management and Travel. A Computer Science Engineering graduate from Bangalore University, Rajeev has worked in various capacities in India, UK, Europe and North America.

He has also provided consultancy for leading players in travel and hospitality sectors across the globe, including North America, Europe, Singapore & Australia. With a vision driven by technology, a strong business acumen, and passion for the travel industry, Rajeev founded Mystifly in 2009. In a short span of eight years, he has steered the business to operate at a global scale with a customer base spread across 70+ countries.

Pawan Kesarwani

Chief Financial Officer

Pawan Kesarwani comes with over 13 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis and Investor Relationship. He holds an MBA from the prestigious University of Oxford and is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

He has diverse experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and employee in Manufacturing, Power, Retail and E-commerce sectors and is adept at Finance & Accounting, the gamut of Domestic and International Accounting, Direct & Indirect Taxation and Financial Control & Management.

Bharat Goyal

Chief Technology Officer

CTO at a travel tech startup with 13+ years of extensive leadership and architectural design experience, I have passion for creating new business value in intrapreneurial setting. Started professional career with Adobe and held leadership positions in many global companies. Also been an enterpreneur and a couple of companies founded/co-founded were acquired by Amazon and Flipkart. Also have been a part of largest digital lending company in India, growing the team from 15 engineers to 80+ followed up by a CTO role with teams in India/US/Europe/China.

Mainly focuses on entrepreneurial product growth, organizational systems design, streamlined software lifecycle, and high-velocity engineering practices. Believes in growing strong teams that build effective products, balancing technical excellence with business value. Avowed technical polyglot.