About us

Mystifly started its journey in 2009 as an online consolidation platform for travel businesses to source local airfares and issue air tickets globally. In the last 13 years of our journey, we have emerged as a market leader offering SaaS-based solutions to solve varied challenges in the airline merchandising and retailing space while also firming up our position as a trusted and reliable airfare marketplace.

With an end goal of making air travel convenient for the passengers, Mystifly offers a suite of solutions that unifies and streamlines the complex and fragmented airline distribution, fulfilment, and payments ecosystem. Our B2B API SAAS platform covers airline search and retailing, order management, revenue and channel management, ancillary sales, multi-currency payment wallet, and post-booking management & converging the world’s airlines into a Single Normalised API.

Mystifly tailors its solutions to make air travel selling affordable, accessible, and convenient by understanding our clients’ business-critical needs and growth challenges. Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in the UK, the USA, and India, we empower over 3000 clients globally and serve over 700 airlines including 180 LCCs, NDCs, and Non-NDC airlines. Our customers include OTAs, TMCs, travel agencies, loyalty & concierge businesses, wholesalers, and aggregators.

Our Vision
Be the first choice for our airline and intermediary partners in their travel discoveries, delivery, and payments with unmatched value, at all times

Our Mission
Enable our airline partners to maximise business value while making air travel stress-free for the traveller

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our culture and help distinguish us as the world’s leader in airline retailing. Here are the four core values that make the DNA of our company.

Think Big
Think Smart
We envision standing out as industry leaders, pioneering innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking at an individual and organizational level.
the Bar

We feel empowered to always take a step beyond and help each other, as well as the organization, exceed expectations, through collaboration and teamwork.

Big Idea
Build Fast
to Surpass
We strive to thrive in an environment of proactiveness to help our partners succeed. We adapt to changes quickly and transcend visible as well as invisible boundaries to help our customers, efficiently and ethically.
Serving Travel Partners
Serve our partners
& people with purpose

We bring value to our partners by realizing our accountability and ownership with integrity being at the helm. At the same time, we encourage and uphold a transparent culture with sensitivity and respect for our fellow beings.

Our Founders

Rajeev Kumar, CEO
Rajeev Kumar

Founder, Managing Director and CEO

Rajeev Kumar G is an expert in the travel industry with over 15 years of experience covering Technology Development, CRM, Outsourcing, Process Management and Travel. A Computer Science Engineering graduate from Bangalore University, Rajeev has worked in various capacities in India, UK, Europe and North America.

A Computer Science Engineering graduate from Bangalore University, Rajeev has diverse experience working in various capacities in India, the UK, Europe and North America. He has also provided consultancy to leading players in the travel and hospitality sector across the globe, including North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

With a vision driven by technology, a strong business acumen, and a passion for the travel industry, Rajeev founded Mystifly in 2009. In the last 13 years, he has steered the business to operate at a global scale with a customer base spread across 70+ countries.

Bharat Goyal, Co-founder and CPO
Bharat Goyal

Co-Founder & CPTO

Bharat brings over 13 years of extensive leadership and architectural design experience to Mystifly. Starting his professional career with Adobe, he held leadership positions in several global companies.

Bharat thrives on a passion for creating new business value in an intrapreneurial setup. He has been an entrepreneur whose ventures have been valued and acquired by the likes of Amazon and Flipkart. In his stint with one of the largest digital lending companies in India, he grew the team of engineers from 15 to 80 and led technology teams across India, the US, Europe, and China.

Bharat focuses on entrepreneurial product growth and has core expertise in organizational systems design, streamlining software lifecycle, and high-velocity engineering practices. At Mystifly, he has been instrumental in building a strong technology team that builds effective products, balancing technical excellence with business value.

Mystifly started its journey in 2009 as an airfare consolidator offering a marketplace for travel businesses to source local airfares and issue tickets globally. In the last 3 years, when the travel industry was severely hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mystifly continued to grow and evolve as one of the market leaders offering SaaS-based solutions to solve varied challenges