Driving Efficiency with Low-code/No-code Platforms in travel industry

No-code Platforms

Creating a new digital experience for consumers have been greatly depend on cost and speed dynamics. It takes months, if not years, to plan, create, test, and deliver a software solutions from scratch.

No-Code/Low-Code development is relatively recent trend that is transforming the way the world is building the software. These platforms have grown in popularity as a quick and easy alternative to traditional software developed products. No-Code/Low-code platforms eliminates the primary gap between what the business requires and the software that has been developed in quickest turnaround time.  According to a  Gartner research predictions, by 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals.

But, exactly what is low-code or no-code platforms?

No-code/Low-code platforms bring together all of the tools needed to integrate, automate, and streamline processes for any web or mobile app development, with no or little coding.

Low-code development platforms

A platform lets anybody to create web and mobile applications with little to no coding skills.

No-code development platforms

On the other hand, these platforms use user friendly graphical interface with drag-and-drop features and pre-built modules to develop web or mobile apps with zero coding required.

Even though both sound similar, there are a few key differences between low-code and no-code development that are indicated by their names. Low-code development may also include the ability customization or complexity of applications, whilst no-code development doesn’t involve any coding at all to ensure that they are as user friendly as possible. Similarly, low-code platforms include the possibility of opening, viewing and modifying the source code of hosted applications while no-code platforms do not.

Factors influencing adoption of No code/low code platforms in travel & hospitality industry

  • Simple and easy to use interfaces
  • Cutting down the time spent on app development and quick customizations
  • Cut down costs spent on development
  • Highly Reliable, agile and scalable platforms
  • Quicker incident management in case of crisis to reduce the business impact
  • Strong architecture with enterprise security
  • Easy integration with 3rd party applications
  • Application Usage Monitoring
  • Easily automate complex business Process which are crucial for customer experiences
  • Process and Event-Driven Architecture
  • Training and quick helpdesk support from the provider
  • Transparent and centralized collaboration platform for teams
  • Productive team performance

Introducing Mystifly Azygos – Driving efficiency for Airline Retailing

Azygos is a no-code platform which requires zero investment on technological development and makes airfares selling more efficient and cost-effective. It comprises of different modules for Airline Content integrations, Search Optimisation, Channel Management, Multi-Currency B2B Wallet management, Revenue Management, Airline and Supplier Contract Management, RoE/ Fx Management, Incentive Management, Post Booking Automation, Involuntary Airline Schedule changes management and Reporting dashboard to efficiently design, develop and run the entire airline sales cycle.

Travel sellers can integrate any preferred GDS, Direct connect, Low Cost Carrier, NDC or Mystifly Air Content by configuring their credentials in the platform and in the process they save lot of time and cost spent on development and maintenance of airline API’s. With access to Mystifly’s airline integration framework- Symvoli, customers can add new airlines that are not integrated on Mystifly’s platform at 75% lesser time than what is normally needed.  Customer can handle any complex airline contract by configuring supplier booking fees for ticket issuance and post booking management and takes the cost into consideration when pricing an itinerary.

To discover more about Azygos, please register here: https://mystifly.com/get-started/