Mystifly achieves IATA’s NDC Level 4 certification as an aggregator

Mystifly is NDC Level 4 aggregator

Mystifly continues  the NDC journey! Mystifly is now Level 4 certified as an aggregator under the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s NDC Certification Program. With this certification, Mystifly has  joined the bandwagon of very few companies who have secured this highest level of IATA’s NDC certification. This new milestone has strengthened Mystifly’s vision to provide a complete operating system for businesses to start or grow their air retailing business globally. retailing and distribution of intelligent airline offers and develop scalable capabilities for travel intermediaries. NDC Level 4 certification will enable Mystifly to offer Full Offer & Order Management capabilities which include post-booking services like Flight schedule change, Ticket reissue, refund, cancellation to the NDC bookings. 

About NDC:

NDC is an airline XML-based data transmission standard developed to enhance the communication between airlines and travel agents. It is a standard that has brought a contemporary way to sell air products to travelers. With NDC, airlines can now offer more customized products to buyers.

NDC provides a window for the users to compare all the available flight purchasing options and the fares, ancillary content, and cabin class differentiations. In addition to this, the airlines will also offer additional benefits to all the different cabin class passengers. Some of the benefits include enabling users to access rich air content, a transparent shopping experience, and many more. Every NDC-affiliated airline can anticipate the traveler productivity vs. cost in real time.

If you’d like to know more about NDC Airline API provided by Mystifly or want to get started using them, drop us a note at