Mystifly on Microsoft’s Wall of Fame

Mystifly has curved an emphatic identity by leaving its distinguished signature on Microsoft’s Wall of Fame. The eminence of Mystifly’s business transforming global technology products (MyFareBox, MyFareBox XClusive & MyFareBox OnePoint) has been endorsed by Microsoft through the award for Code for Honor for Microsoft’s Solution Excellence Awards 2014 on 19th June, in Bangalore.

Code for Honor Award

Code for Honor for Microsoft’s Solution Excellence Awards is specially designed to recognize and reward companies building outstanding software solutions. Four rounds starting from 19th December 2013, were designed to evaluate the participants on a range of criteria including Concept, Feasibility, Impact and Execution. The award event was judged by a panel of luminaries in the field of IT. Mystifly authored its winning presence in Best Large Enterprises solution category by showcasing its business transforming technology products at the awards. Wall of Fame.

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