Our Squad – ‘MySquad’

Mystifly, the ‘World’s Leading Airline Consolidator’, has been on the highway of success because of the engines that powered the drive… The well-oiled engines that never broke down… The engines that were never exhausted…

In our 8 year journey, we’ve had engines that drove us through smooth tracks and difficult terrains.

We call them Mystians, without whom we’d just be a vehicle without an engine.

At Mystifly, we value and celebrate every employee. As a token of gratitude to their endless service, we welcome them to an elite group of Mystians who have completed three, five and seven years in the organization, earning entry into the tenure clubs of ‘MySquad M3’, ‘MySquad M5’ and ‘MySquad M7’.

The term ‘MySquad’ derives its roots from two words – ‘Mystifly’ and ‘Squad’, which, when, clubbed signifies ownership, involvement and collaboration. We asked the ‘MySquad’ members some questions about their journey with Mystify.

Here’s what they said:

  • What about Mystifly kept them going all these 7 years?

The unanimous reply was – ‘’Mystifly is a happy place to work’’. The learning opportunities, exciting challenges and the great work environment is what kept them going all these years. Mr. Mohammed Selim was quick to add that the vision of Mystifly kept him glued to this organization. Mr. Sivakumar Reddy is surprised that it has already been seven years since his onboarding. He feels that every morning seems like a new day with new challenges and he carries a never-ending quest to achieve big things at Mystifly. He also cited that the change of three campuses throughout his tenure at Mystifly is one of the reasons that make him feel like a veteran in this organization.

  • How involved do they feel with the company’s business and growth?

The ‘MySquad’ members believe that the organization instils a sense of ownership in every Mystian, so much so that Mr. Sivakumar jokingly suggests that artificial intelligence should be introduced into one of our products, to make it think like him. Having been closely involved with the company for seven years now, the ‘MySquad’ members take much pride in the growth of the company.  

  • Which is the most memorable moment/appreciation they received during your tenure?

Working in the organization for seven years, it is not surprising to know that most Mystians from the ‘MySquad’ club have won several laurels and awards. Mr. Girish L Kamkar was thrilled to tell us about ‘The Most Supportive Employee’ award that he had bagged back in 2011. Ms. Divyashree B C recalls that the moment when Mystifly won the ‘World’s Leading Airline Consolidator’ was the most memorable moment during her tenure. Landmark moments like when the client billing was moved successfully to Singapore is still etched in the memory of Mr. Girish L Kamkar.

  • A few words about the mentorship/management/peers.

There was only gratitude that the ‘MySquad’ members had to offer for the enriching experience that they gained working alongside the management at Mystifly. Ms. Kusum Singh credits the management for giving her the opportunity to grow in the organization. She boasts about the coordination with her peers and the support she has received in her tenure at Mystifly. There was a special mention of the CEO, COO and all other business heads for their fruitful mentoring that led to their long stay in the organization.

  • How Mystifly helped shape their career?

From a college graduate to a working professional, Mr. Rakshith Aradhya credits Mystifly for what he has become today. Mr. Girish L Kamkar is grateful that in his last 12 years of experience in the travel industry, the seven years and eight months at Mystifly has been an extremely fruitful one. Having joined in 2010, he is glad to have had the opportunity to explore and work in major areas of the company like Finance & Accounts, Administration, HR – Payroll and Operations. Ms. Kusum Singh acknowledges that the platform at Mystifly has enabled her to enhance her knowledge and understand the B2B market. Mr. Mohammed Selim and Ms. Divyashree are both of the opinion that there are no boundaries or limitations than can curtail one’s desire to achieve any feat with Mystifly.  Finally, Mr. Sivakumar Reddy adds that he is so content with his career at Mystifly that he has forgotten to groom himself for a career outside.

Mystifly is forever indebted to the ‘MySquad’ members for their services in the organization. We’re just the trigger that sparks the engine and we’re glad that Mystians have chosen to take the road less travelled with us.

“My brain as the engine, with thoughts trailing to the caboose, on a one-track mind we keep going forward.”

With this quote in our mind, we lead the drive in our quest to excellence with Mystians by our side.