Align yourself with a profitable partnership

Amid price-driven competition, maximising the revenue growth is the top priority for any airline. The success of an airline's performance depends on how quickly you can transform your distribution and payment process to meet growing customer demands. To put it simply, airlines must think like a retailer with diverse range of products to serve their travellers better.

As a fulfilment and payment enablement partner, Mystifly provides a platform to create and sell bundles of ground, in-cabin and other 3rd party products and services, or operating selected routes in an à-la-carte model and all experiences that is tailored to meet the expectations of specific customer segments or markets. Our Distribution Model blends perfectly to complement an airline’s model and offers two kinds of distribution methods:

  • Mystifly as the source of distribution: This features Mystifly as the Fulfilment and Payment Enabler.
  • Mystifly as the technology distribution platform: Where our customers may choose to use their commercial relationship with the airlines.

We offer plethora of services that include seats, ancillaries & a multi-currency payments settlement platform for customers in 80 countries. Our customers include a combination of online OTA’s, TMC’s & Tour Operators.

  • checkMaximize revenue performance
    Maximize revenue across every flight by rich content offers, a la carte ancillaries, and discounts.
  • checkBoost group booking sales
    Get a competitive edge through upscaling group bookings.
  • checkTake more control of distribution
    Lower distribution cost, faster and more efficient payments.
  • checkAirline Shopping
    Global promotion of fares through a highly scalable shopping platform.
  • checkAirline Retail
    Get into the practice of retailing by delivering real-time and personalized offers passenger expects.

Transform the way air travel are retailed. Connect with us to know more on how we can help you with your retailing strategies.