Propelling Progress at the Mystifly Townhall

The quarterly Townhall event started off on a rather light note with our CEO Mr. Rajeev Kumar having to deal with a technical snag leading to the misplacement of his presentation. Being the genius of a man he is, he shrugged it off in his stride to deliver his talk.

He began with an appreciation message to all the employees of Mystifly (or Mystians as we call ourselves) for their relentless hard work and efforts to bring Mystifly to where it is today.

In his insightful session, Rajeev insisted that the company would continue focussing on the existing clientele and enabling our customers to maximise value in air travel. He listed out the Ten Commandments at Mystifly which would serve as principles that need to be abided, going forward. The intention was clear; the goal is to become customers’ first choice rather than an alternative choice. To scale this time bound goal, three business objectives were laid out that would help achieve this feat.

He also promised to ensure direction, transparency and alignment in thought process for every Mystian. He also placed special emphasis on focusing on the short term goals alongside our long term goals. Having addressed the concerns raised by the employees, he signed off.

The Chief of HR, Ms. Sunaina took over to speak about the HR initiatives including the Rewards and Recognition programme, Employee Referral Programme, Soft Skills Training and setting Smart Goals to help us propel progress. Employee engagement activities and celebrations were other initiatives that were spoken about which resulted in a thrilled bunch of Mystians.