The Double 11 Roundup

The only thing that makes a GOAL impossible to achieve, is the fear of failure. On the 11th of November, 2017 we OVERCAME that fear!

Sceptics called it a blind bargain; others said it was too much of a stretch. Mystifly took the leap of faith and left the critics dumbfounded.  Weeks of preparation, sleepless nights, gambling and the effort of every Mystian made this a successful venture.

The Double 11 journey helped us measure our yardstick of potential, realise our untapped abilities and made us push beyond our limitations. Let us cherish this feat and strive to achieve greater heights in the days to come.

Unit next time, soak in the sweet moment and catch a glimpse of our Double 11 hustle.

Account Management team
Teams having fun duing double 11
Rajeev MV starting the event with lamping
Marketing Team