The New and Improved MyFareBox – Product Feature Update

As a travel technology organization, Mystifly has consistently demonstrated scalability, sustainability, and high-end performance in our technology platforms. In our efforts to help you maximize productivity and improve your overall ticketing experience, we are delighted to announce our new line-up of product feature enhancements. 

  1. Baggage Information Available in the API Search Response (For OnePoint Customers)

As an addition to our search results, we have now added ‘Baggage Details’ . This will allow our clients to review baggage information and choose the appropriate ticket option. Baggage Details will also be available in ‘Revalidate’ and ‘Trip Detail’ response. In cases where baggage information is not available, the response would be ‘SB’ (Standard Baggage). Additionally, we have included cabin class and fare type parameters in the search response. Please refer the document here for details.   

  • Automated Cancellation Process for Expired Bookings  

With this launch, the back-end system of our platform will monitor the time limit for every active booking in the queue. When a ticket is ordered, the booking will move to the ‘Ticketed-Queue’. For all un-ticketed bookings, the system will automatically generate a reminder prior to the time-limit to order ticket to avoid cancellation. As soon as the time limit expires, the system will automatically cancel un-ticketed bookings and list it under the ’Cancelled Queue’ located under the booking queue tab for the user’s review.   

  •  Google Translate

Language is no longer a barrier with our new multi-lingual feature. Powered by ‘Google Translate’, you can now translate fare rule conditions to any language. The link to ‘Google Translate’ has been added to the fare rules for all content on MFB. 

– Once you’ve selected your flight, click on ‘Book’.

– Next, click on the ’Fare Rule’ link.   

– On the rule condition pop-up that appears on the screen, click on the ‘Google Translate’ link. 

  – Once you click on the ’Google Translate’ link, you will be redirected to a page as seen below. Copy and paste the fare conditions that you would like to translate in the text box.   

  •  MyFareBox UI   

You will notice the improvements in navigation on the MFB interface with this release, while we continue to work on enhancing the UX in our future releases. Additionally, we have also added two features – ‘Reports’ & ‘Help’ in the MyFareBox UI. Under the ‘Reports’ page, you will find basic metrics. More meaningful metrics will be included in our upcoming releases. This will help you measure your business with Mystifly better. The ‘Help’ page consolidates all content that would help answer your queries instantly, in the format of FAQs and Videos. Take a peek into these newly added pages:  

– Reports Page: