The Secret Behind Better Markups for Tour Operators

As a tour operator, you have to make strategic decisions every day. There are many difficulties tour operators encounter in the dynamic travel industry. Often, you are required to mark down airfare prices in order to remain competitive in the market and to entice customers to book with you. Hence, you opt for mark-down pricing strategies during slow months which, in most cases, backfire.

The issue that frustrates tour operators, business travellers and personal consumers is the difference between the fares shown in the GDS and those available on the web. The web fares are often lower than the published fares available on the GDSs. While these fares are not necessarily the lowest fares offered, they are visible to all, which makes them more desirable to a traveller. As a tour operator you know your prices are important, and with constrained access to global airfares, you often bear the brunt of end users. Low volumes of sales don’t help either, since tour operators don’t get access to special fares.

Does all this ring a bell?

When it comes to developing a pricing strategy for your tour operating business, you will want to make sure that you don’t get bogged down with the existing painpoints. Consolidators play an important role in the distribution of airfares particularly in international markets where “published” fares have traditionally been higher than market fares.

With a travel technology platform like MyFareBox, you can now get access to expanded GDS views, and local GDS access giving you alternative content. You can also improve your revenues and market share by saving up to 40% on market specific public & private fares. With access to lowest global airfares across the world, including net fares and negotiated fares, you would no longer face challenges in accessing FIT & bulk local airfares in another country.  Faster search and automation allows for providing airfare content that can be consumed more efficiently across devices, providing travellers with smarter, more personalized, and timely flight and airfare information.

Tour operator John was able to overcome the difficulties that Tour operator Alex faces in the conventional way of doing business.

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