Travel Technology Providers offering travel technology services to their customers either as service providers or through their product/framework, are eligible to become a Mystifly Technology Integration Partner (TIP)

A Mystifly TIP can seamlessly integrate MyFareBox OnePoint XML Webservices into the company’s existing technology platform. Integration of OnePoint, powers travel application platforms to source lowest airfares from over 900 airlines across 70+ countries.

Our Technology Integration Partners

Business Benefit

  • Mystifly’s Technology Integration Partners (TIPs) can expand their business landscape by capitalizing on the option to provide access to most competitive market specific public and private airfares from 900+ airlines across 70+ countries to their clients.
  • With savings up to 40%, TIPs can power their clients with the most advanced technology enabled ticketing fulfillment system capable of meeting the ticketing fulfillment needs of the travel customers.

Target Segment

  • Travel Technology Providers : Those offering travel technology services either as service providers or through their product/framework are eligible to become Mystifly Travel Integration Partner.

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