TMCs in EMEA Double their Ticketing Volumes with Mystifly

EMEA Case Study

Corporate Travel in EMEA has witnessed a steady growth. This comes on the heels of security concerns, political uncertainty, and a mounting list of challenges. Over a three-year period, Mystifly has helped TMCs in EMEA overcome hurdles they faced by providing them with competitive ‘glocal’ fares that compete with directly contracted fares. In doing so, these TMCs were able to nearly double their ticket volumes year over year.

However, the challenges faced during the ticketing process were not limited to fares alone. Mystifly empowered these TMCs with a line-up of features which provided them with a seamless ticketing experience. This in turn, helped them provide their customers with a value driven experience.

Wish to know more about how TMCs in EMEA overcame their challenges and improved their ticket volumes? Download this case study which deep dives into the pain points, solution and results.

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