Travel agency bookings for flights to Brazil doubled compared to 2013

Football World Cup is often cited as the greatest tournament in the world, which is expected to boost the Brazilian economy, particularly for the Travel & Tourism industry. An estimated $25 billion is expected to be spent by football lovers with online travel industry growing at over 34%. Tourist influx has led to steep increase in hotel prices with over 173,000 new hotel rooms added before the event. Flight bookings from Europe to Brazil for travel during the FIFA World Cup period have surged by approximately 60% compared with bookings for the same period in 2013, demonstrating the clear impact of the event on demand for travel. Read more.

Key Facts:

Travel agency bookings for flights to Brazil originating in European markets outside of Spain, Portugal and Italy doubled compared to 2013, and Southern European carriers attracted a higher share of this increase than all other airlines, both in absolute and in relative terms. Bookings from these markets with Southern European carriers almost tripled (+185 percent); in contrast, those for all other airlines increased by 70 percent.

The data analysis reveals higher demand from North European countries compared to Southern European markets. The lack of response to these peaks in demand calls for an advanced data analytics, which can help the travel industry identify & capitalize on such business opportunities.

Source: eRevMax, Amadeus