Travel Tech Thursday Ep2: Travel Industry Trends of 2017

Do you remember the last time you stepped outside to book a ticket with a travel agent? No? Neither do we! The travel industry has come a long way, with technology that once seemed like travel novelty now becoming a part of our everyday life.  The various trends in travel technology that have ushered us into the present travel environment, where everything is done at the click of a button, have been both radical and revolutionizing, this only keeps us guessing on what is yet to come.

On this episode of “Travel Tech Thursdays,” Rajeev Kumar, CEO of Mystifly, takes us through his thoughts on the industry trends of 2017. He believes that much has changed in the year, with the focus shifting towards customer experience as a value proposition.

Organizations are becoming mobile first, in the way they think about technology, and in the way they are creating solutions that impact the end consumer. There is a lot more emphasis on customer experience – most companies are realizing the importance of great customer experience and customer service that is pivotal in today’s commoditized world. Another clear emerging trend is the transition from connected systems to connected intelligence.

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