Travel Tech Thursdays Ep 10: Enabling NDC Compliance Among Travel Firms

At the conceptual stages of our tech talk series, ‘Travel Tech Thursdays’, the intention was educating and aiding the ever evolving Travel Industry. We’ve explored several topics, ranging from technological innovations in the industry, travel technology trends, New Distribution Capability, and much more. And, although we’ve reached the final episode of our series, looking back, we realise it’s been a good run.

On the 10th and final episode of the Travel Tech Thursdays series, Rajeev Kumar, CEO of Mystifly, discusses the new journey that Mystifly has embarked on – a new chapter that sees Mystifly take on the role of an NDC enabler and travel technology provider. The move comes on the heels of travel firms racing towards becoming NDC compliant in order to remain at the forefront of the Travel Industry. 

Mystifly proposes to be an NDC enabler for businesses across the globe, by attaining the status of level-three partner in the days to come. Our unique proposition of enabiling businesses to become NDC compliant without the hassle of technology integration negates the need for changes that need to be made by the consumer, saving them precious time and resources. Watch and learn more about Mystifly’s journey towards being an NDC enabler. 

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