Travel Tech Thursdays Ep 7: Impact of NDC – Why and When

There has been a lot of talk about New Distribution Capability (NDC). But what is NDC? There is a common misconception that NDC is a technology, but it’s not the case. It is a framework that will enable the travel industry to transform the way air products are retailed by addressing the industry’s current distribution limitations.  

NDC attempts to give freedom and flexibility to an airline to show more attributes and features through which a customer can make informed decisions. In the seventh episode of Travel Tech Thursdays, Mystifly CEO, Rajeev Kumar talks about how him as an individual and Mystifly as a company believes that the impact of NDC on the airline industry will help the traveller to make right buying decisions.  

What is Mystifly’s roadmap to becoming NDC compliant? Mystifly is enabling the transition by driving value to the marketplace model. We will continue to focus on understanding the needs of customers and empower travel partners to implement the NDC model. Watch the video to know more

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