Travel Tech Thursdays Ep 9: Price vs. Experience Driven Value

In the grand scheme of things, the product(s) of an organization usually cater to a specific audience. However, in a sector such as travel which is all encompassing and diverse, can products be designed for a single, unified audience? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. In the case of the travel industry, where the end consumers vary significantly from one another, the travel providers, who act as the point of contact also vary in their approach and offerings. 

There exist two types of organizations within the travel industry – one that focuses on scale, and thus is driven by price, and the other that focuses on niche, and is driven by experience.   While the industry trends favour experience driven value, does that eliminate the need to address the highly commoditized and price driven sector of the industry?  Should companies favour and direct their focus towards customized and discounted fares over ticketing volume? The answer is ‘no’, and instead points towards balance as the way forward. Mystifly as an organization addresses both sectors of the marketplace through its product lines and offerings. While the ‘right’ balance, isn’t always the balance that is needed, we have found our own method that ensures we are perfectly balanced between these two sectors of the industry. Watch the 9th episode of Travel Tech Thursdays to know more about how Mystifly caters to both ends of the marketplace.

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